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All inclusive Package - Spanish Classes - 3meals per day - Private Room


Homestay in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, Santa Cruz Spanish School has been supporting Mayan families form Santa Cruz la Laguna, through accommodating our students and solo travelers at local Mayan families in Santa Cruz la Laguna.

The homestay program began five years ago, not only assists families with an income but also serves as a culture exchange.

Homestaying is not tourism, but a mutual “cultural” exchange in which the visitor participate in the family daily activities. It is to exchange experiences; learn from each other.



How do we treat our visitors?

The visitor is treated as an extended family, an aunt, cousin uncle and etc.. not as anyone ‘special’. The visitor has a nice and clean private room and sleeps in a foam mattress. The visitor bathes where the family bathes some of them have a newer shower but we know that a bath in one of those TEMASCALES that they have, you will love it!.



What about food?

Meals are not special but what the family eats every day, which is corn tortillas with eggs, beans and hot pepper and occasionally game meat or local chicken also some of the ladies have learn new dishes from our last visitor and now they can prepare them to you as well.

How do you get involved?

Visitors are expected to participate in family activities including making tortillas, accompanying them to their small working places or help at home – if you do not want to spend the whole day with the family; there are many activities that you can chose from our tours menu .

Comunicating with your family?

You must know some spanish or you can come and have an intensive spanish immersion course at our Language School. Most of the host families are bilingual Spanish and Kaqchiquel. Some of them, especially the kids at the family have been learning some English at school.

Contribution to your host family:
. $15 per day minimum 3 days
. $85 one week / $310 4 weeks

It includes:
. Three meals per day
. Accommodation with the family

Note. If you want to use the sauna or TEMASCAL you must make sure to contribute with a small 20 Quetzales fee in order to buy wood.

Note. If you do not speak any spanish and do not want to take any spanish immersion course, we also have homestaying where members of the family can comunicate in English very well and make of your vist memorable, because you will have the chanse to learn in your own language the Mayan Culture.

Offer! $120

From Octover 2012 to April 2013

Join our new 20hrs Spanish group Package, 4hrs per day with a maximum of 5 students and a minimum of 2 students in each class. Accomodation private room with Private Bathroon, breakfast and Lunch, package is also available if you want to stay with a local family! Please contact us for more information… Enviar


$40 20hrs group spanish package!

This intensive Spanish course is conceived for adults of any age who wish to improve their Spanish language skills rapidly. The intensive course runs four lessons per day from Monday to Friday in the morning or the afternoon. accomodation can also be included according to your budget and desire!


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